Barbarian Gold in southern France

Barbarian Gold in southern France

Films to Watch

The Cave at Sougraine near Rennes-le-Château


French local cavers  - some known to me - exploring the cave where local writers thought the Treasure of Jerusalem was hidden.

Click  here for more!


Fa, the Visigothic Tower

Part of much more ancient defenses?  Click here.  You'll be intrigued!  If you've got a photo, please send us one.



This Volcano blew up in 416 and 535, greatly affecting the Visigothic adventures in France

 Click here.


Loving/hating the Romans 


For a film about what the Romans were really like, click here. You will realise why the Visigoths, after they took Rome, despised city life and never lived there, prefering clean open-air countryside.  The Visigoths were prudes and considered the Romans decadent - which they were!




This tiny village, just north of the A61 before it passes the border from Aude into Haute Garonne (Toulouse), can be seen from the autoroute, from the Canal du Midi and from the ordinary main road.  At one time it was the border between Visigothic territory and Frankish territory.  You can see the old Visigothic graveyard (described as paleo-chretien) the remains of the Roman baths and the medieval castle.  In French but easy to understand.  Click here.


The Goths and their Language


Some examples have survived by their language more-or-less died out by the 11th century.

Click here.


The Sack of Rome in 410


Rome had not been taken in 700 years - but Alaric I did it in 410AD.  Ten minutes of real history.  Click here.  Did you know that after Alaric took Rome, he forbade fight-to-the-death Gladitorial contests in the Colliseum?

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