Barbarian Gold in southern France

Barbarian Gold in southern France

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I have just finished this fabulous book that follows the trails of treasures beyond imagination!
  Val Wineyard offers us a wonderful journey, and I learnt so much about the Visigoths, (& The Francs, The Roman Church, Nazi Germany) and more.  If you love the kind of history that intrigues, and keeps you reading when you should be sleeping, this book is well worth reading.  I loved it, how could you not love those people called the Visigoths? It’s about time for the world to know who they really were and where they came from, instead of being lumped in with other northern peoples whose history is violent and nasty.
  I know more about France now and why the Germans were so focused on it - not only rich and wealthy Jews to plunder, but also the south of France, and especially that they believed that part of France to belonged to them because the Visigoths were "Germanic"  - a linguist definition that includes today's Germany among many other races.
  It was a wonderful tale, a strong and interesting history - worthy of International noted authorship
  Congratulations Val

WendyJoy Smith, Australia


Congratulations on your book and new website . . . you are clever . . . well done.  David Warr, Cheshire


 It's the book I've been waiting for!  Lucie Robin, l'Antre Temps restaurant, Rennes-le-Château

Thanks Lucie


I would have been comfortable as a Arian heretic, that is one who believed in Jesus and God but not that Jesus was divine; I would not then have to confront the tricky questions of Christ's peculiar birth or his ressurrection.  I prefer to quote the Moslems who say God is God and Jesus was his prophet.  Overall, "Barbarian Gold" is an enormous achievement and a tour de force; you have put the Visigoths on the map!   From Martin in Bedfordshire. 
Dear Martin, here in France we have the Separation of Church and State;  people are free to follow their religious consciences as long as they obey the laws of the land.  This was exactly the law of the Visigoths, and the Catholic church resisted it then as they do now.  The Visigoths were some 1,400 years "ahead of their time"  yet they are still dismissed as barbarians.

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